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Or you can opt for a true DIY solution: raising your own chickens! Here are 14 unique chicken coops to provide a little inspiration!

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Just as with real estate, understanding your location in a Costco store is key to getting the most bang for your buck. Almost always, the best deals are found deeper in the store. Start at the center, and work to the back. Many supermarkets use soda as a loss-leader, selling it below cost in order to draw customers in the door.

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The best deals are often around summer holidays like the Fourth of July or Memorial Day. Once you get all that soda home, consider storing it in a spare fridge. Here are 10 cool tips for owning and maintaining a garage freezer or refrigerator. One interesting tip is to request a chub of beef.

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The Costco deli can package your beef at your request and the chub is usually sold at a discount. That means you can afford more toppers and condiments the next time you plan on grilling dinner. One common criticism of Costco is its policy of only accepting a few forms of payment.

Critics point out that it can be inconvenient to bring cash, and the policy can make it hard to rack up points or rebates with your preferred credit card provider. Of course not all items can be purchased online, and sometimes it still makes sense to shop in person.

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Some products are significantly cheaper in-store, while others are impractical to purchase online. In addition, the Costco service department will repair flats, check tire pressure and even rotate them for the life of the tires. Courtesy of Costco.

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Costco is famous for their generous return policy. All Costco purchases are protected against future sales for 30 days. This means that if something you buy goes on sale in the 30 days immediately after your purchase, you can request a refund of the balance. These retroactive discounts can really add up on expensive items like Costco TVs and big storage units.

See some great examples of workshop and garage storage products you can buy at Costco. Costco has many loyal employees who work at one location for years—sometimes entire families work for there.

Sites like Reddit and CostcoInsider collect the tips and tricks that employees use to get the most out of the Costco experience. Are you more loyal to The Home Depot?

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Check out this collection of 45 brilliant gift ideas for new homeowners. So my Chevy truck needs 4 new tires. My first stop is Costco. The coupon might not always be for Michelin. More on this later.

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A little cheaper than Big O Ties, plus they offer a lifetime tire service which gets you free rotations and free flat repair for the life of the tire. But surprisingly the only way to consistency get a lower price at Costco is to use one of their current coupons which will get you a discount on a set of 4 new tires.

With that said, Costco often if not always has great tire coupons available for brands like Michelin, Goodyear, BF Goodrich, and Bridgestone.