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We arrived early as advised but upon entering the cavern and looking for a seat, we were informed that the majority of them were "reserved" for special groups. Did not know there was reserved seating. We eventually found seats towards the back. However, during the show, the speakers were picking up conversations and the crowd in the back never stopped talking, so it was impossible enjoy the show.

Several people complained but only after the intermission did they make an announcement to refrain from talking in the back.

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What a surpise that these inconsiderate people still continued to talk thereby ruining the performance for those of us in the back. Having had enough, we left, but when we arrived at our car, we were blocked in on all sides. Call down to the cavern with plate numbers-no one came to move their car. Finally got out an hour later. It was a frustrating experience from the moment we arrived.

Management should have corrected the noise situation immediately and had personnel to direct the parking. It is evident from the license plates that several drivers from TN are not capable of realizing that if you park in three rows, the middle row cannot get out. Thanks for a very unpleasant day Cumberland Caverns! Will not be recommending this place to anyone. We apologize for the troubles you experienced at the show. We are learning as we grow this event and your comments and concerns.

Thank you for the gift you have given us in explaining these issues to us. We are making needed corrections. We do hope you might give us another try sometime, or come by for a caverns tour. Again, thank you for the time you gave to address these issues, and we are sorry the experience went so wrong for you. What a great way to show case the caverns by having bluegrass concerts inside the caverns. The show was fantastic.

The acoustics were great. The metal folding chairs are a bit uncomfortable and cramped too close together. When in the Volcano Room for a show, you have access to concessions and restroom facilities. The show was well worth the admission cost. Staff were extremely helpful and friendly. It was a great escape from the 90 degree temps outside, however, when you sit still for a couple of hours you begin to get a bit chilled.

Just come prepared with a jacket. I highly recommend Bluegrass Underground to others who enjoy this type of music. Even if you are not a bluegrass fan, you will enjoy the experience. If I return, I will bring a flashlight to use on the walk in, as it is not very well lite.

Cumberland Caverns

Expect a walk in that is on uneven terrain, steep grades and slick surfaces. Thank you for the review and great information you shared. This was a big and busy show, and we are glad you had a good experience. We have been working on the path to the Volcano Room lately, so we hope you will find the terriane a little better the next time you come to viist. Thanks again for the visit and the review. The tour itself is very nice and there are many interesting formations just like any other cave, however, it is not for the faint of heart. The railing is made out of pvc pipe and is not sturdy enough to hold you if you should lose your footing.

I'm only 40 and I had a hard time. Many people, including eldery and pregnant women in our group, had a hard time keeping up because of the steps. They don't tell you of this ahead of time! One thing I did appreciate is the availability of restrooms halfway through the tour. The mini-movie that you see in the cave is also very nice.

Thank you for your informative and helpful review. We do have what we lovingly refer to as a "mildly strenuous" tour. Your comments helped remind me we need to always do our best to inform our guest about what to expect. We have posted signs and have information on the tickets, but verbalizing those things is the best and most sure method. I had a meeting with my staff this morning to discuss your review.

It is our general policy to make that statement when the tickets are purchased, but we have obviously slacked in that part of the ticket sale speech. We will continue to remind our staff to do so. As a natural attraction, we have tried our best to keep the cave and the paths as natural as possible. And where we needed to add steps, we used rocks from the cave.

Cumberland Caverns 2019

Sometimes those rock steps are not the same size and creates a unique but still uneven walking surface. And the humidity and moisture in the cave does create some slick spots. We do feel like the rails are sturdy enough to hold and protect. The plastic rails have a metal conduit frame on the inside. We even have some newer ones that are all metal. We appreciate both your positive and more constructive comments. Thanks for your visit and your review that will help and better inform other visitors.

We love the caverns. My wife had double knee surgery two years ago and still was able to walk the trails and climb the stairs. The staff was very friendly and patient with the group. We actually spent two hours in the cave progressing at our own pace. The staff is definitely not pushing any religious agenda. If you are a christian bigot maybe the cave is not for you. Otherwise what a great cave to visit. We went there last weekend. My husband and I really enjoyed it. However, our 4 year old did not like it. It was too dark for her.

Once the tour was over she was ready to go. She was so afraid that we would get left in the cave. She also enjoyed mining for treasures. What a great state park you have in Alabama. I am always amazed at your post and even more amazed and pleased to see parents really trying to make a difference in their kids lives… way to go Kristy and Ricky.. I think I may suggest the caverns to my brother for the grandson..

Hope yall have a great Sunday. My kids love the Nesquick strawberry milk and drink it everyday, my husband loves the Coffeemate french vanilla fat free creamer, he also likes the coconut one as well.

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  4. I love the Stouffers mac and cheese! Looks like you had a great time in the caves, my boys would love an adventure like that, I will have to see if there are any caves near us! I am psyched about visiting Cathedral Caverns after seeing your photos Christy.

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    Ought to be fun! Wow what a wonderful adventure and great memories for you all. Kudos to them! Caving looks like fun, will have to do it with my family some day. The first thing that came to my mind was Nestle Malted Milk, the chocolate flavor. I like to mix bunch bit in the milk then stick in the spoon and start eating it. That looks really fun!! Maybe something that we will have to work in this summer! Oh and I would love to have the Nestle giveaway! My boyfriend used to go caving when he was younger and in better physical condition.

    This might be something we can do to that he would enjoy and bring back those days for him. We love doing things like this. You guys had such a great time and we use all of those products as well. You can easily get it one here. What do you offer?