Deals too good to be true

There are exceptions though, to the budget airline rule: Keyes says he'll promote Norwegian deals if and only if they're non-stop. Luggage fees will be less expensive because you're only flying two legs , and the deal overall becomes more reasonable.

If you're using a site like Google Flights or Kayak to find cheap flights, they'll tell you if that really sexy price you're looking at is actually a basic economy flight , where you'll have to pay more for checked bags and seat selection. Usually, there's a highlighted box that says "basic economy," alerting you to the ticket type.

But always double check what your flight includes and more importantly, what it doesn't include before you purchase, says Ma. Most airlines will have a chart showing exactly what you'll get out of each fare class, and even though you may see a cheaper deal on an online travel agency like Expedia, booking straight from the airline is a better way to ensure you won't accidentally book basic economy. Should you whoops book a fare class you don't want, you have 24 hours to cancel your itinerary and get a full refund for flights within and departing the U.

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Both Keyes and Ma brought up one country's airlines to be wary of: China. No, not for safety reasons—"Air travel in general is super safe; safer than any other form of transport," Ma says—but for delays.

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China's airspace is controlled by its military, which means that who can fly into it when is at the mercy of the government. Transpacific flights are often delayed or cancelled because of flight pattern changes and airspace access, which wouldn't be too much of an issue, except that most of these airlines like China Southern and China Eastern don't have a lot of overlap on routes.

Energy firms offer customers deals which are too good to be true, experts warn

It isn't just transiting through China that gets side-eye from flight deal experts. Ma doesn't post deals that connect through cities like Chicago in the winter—a recipe for a blizzard delay—and Keyes is wary of Spirit and Frontier , both of whom don't have frequent routes or inter-airline policies. Not so much with these budget airlines," Keyes says.

Will be used in accordance with our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The excellence of that big sensor notwithstanding, the video recording mode on the a7s II is not particularly demanding of bandwidth and one of its key advantages is that it is not very expensive to feed. A small, lightweight stills tripod is included. Squinting myopically at the inadequate resolution of the product shot, it becomes clear that these are not likely to be genuine Sony batteries, which tend to have the InfoLithium logo embossed or printed on the back.

Reasonable-quality third party batteries bearing the Duracell logo sell for half that.

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Realistically, a bulk importer would expect to pay much less for all this stuff. Attempts by scruple-free distributors to sell them as an optional, chargeable extra have been notorious in the past.

A CPU deal too good to be true?... (Pt.1)

II body is a reasonable deal nevertheless, though adding up the price for the proper Sony accessories may close the gap alarmingly quickly. Maybe, but it might turn out to be a raw deal, and you might never see it. The way to get a decent deal on a DSLR is to buy some other reasonably-valuable item with it, perhaps something like an external recorder.

An Atomos Ninja for your a7s Mk. II, perhaps, plus some reasonable-quality third party batteries for both camera and recorder. The more stuff we buy, the more incentivised the distributor is to offer a good deal. How did we even establish a realistic price for the camera in question?

The New York Times has revealed the appalling wages of New York nail salon artists.

By consulting the websites of established distributors. Never afraid to speak his mind, and always worth listening to, he's a frequent contributor to RedShark.

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  • What are you getting? If this seems like a reason to avoid things that seem too good to be true, it is.