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There is space for one wheelchair user in the Dress Circle and transfer seating is available.


Wheelchair users must bring a non-disabled companion with them. An induction loop and single track infra-red systems with 4 headsets are installed for the hearing impaired.

A deposit is payable. Please book in advance. Guide dogs are not permitted in the auditorium but staff can dog sit by prior arrangement with the management. To buy theatre tickets for The Mousetrap at St Martin's Theatre, London, please use the availability search at the top of the page or click the buy tickets button. We aim to offer the cheapest prices and the highest level of customer service. Begin by selecting the date you wish to attend a performance of The Mousetrap and select the desired number of tickets.

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The production recently celebrated its 60th birthday and although Wikipedia and Stephen Fry have both blown the murderer's cover, there is a remarkable conspiracy of silence over 'The Moustrap'. The real mystery of the world's longest-running theatre show is not whodunit but, in its currently mediocre state, whydoit at all?

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Christie's neat puzzler of a plot is easier to defend. It has defied the inevitably mummifying process of more than 25, performances and still possesses an uncanny precision worthy of the mistress of murder's chilling geriatric creation, Miss Marple. In Berkshire? It's fascinating to glimpse the ghost of Peter Cotes's original production. Christie's best thrillers have a psychological conviction and a subtle sense of evil that the current cast, apart from one or two noble exceptions, shelve in favour of xenophobic exaggeration or dullness. Christie's trap still snaps shut but the cat's been away for years, leaving the mice to carry the play.

This review is from January Absolutely worth seeing! The cast is brilliant, and the story keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire time!

Surprisingly funny and fresh I thought it'd be a lot more serious , this timeless Agatha Christie still has a lot going for it, and is one of the most entertaining nights you have in the West End. Given that the cast had been doing this for 5 months already the ensemble cast changes every 6 months , they still seemed to zing of each other and enjoy what they are doing.

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It is also rather fab to hear the clock used on the mantlepiece in this production is the same one from the very first performance. Just remember not to reveal the ending to anyone who hasn't seen it before, or they might not be responsible for their actions. Growing up in Germany meant Sunday night's were reserved for the "Tatort", a popular crime series set in different cities with different detectives. Having missed the tradition of guessing who might be the dodgy cousin or murderer I was really looking forward to finally seeing the Mousetrap.

The theater itself is worth a visit - it's cosy and sets the mood for the evening.


I loved the little plaque on the wall counting the performances. The plot takes you back to the golden age of detective fiction and is a reminder why Agatha Christie is still a well known and loved novelist. It all started as a short radio play in after all. The only downside are the seats, they are quite narrow and if can get a bit uncomfortable, but as the play isn't too lengthy and so enjoyable, it's nothing go keep you away from watching. After having finally seen the play, I am not surprise it has been showing for 60years in the West End!

The stage looks fantastic, even the smell of old wood seems more than real! The actors have a great energy and some characters are absolutely hilarious.

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As per the plot, it's a traditional nonetheless remarkable Agatha Christie murder story and the twist at the end is really enjoyable! I loved how the actors asked the crowd to keep the secret about the ending of the play. To be fair, the best about this play is to get involved and try to guess who is the murderer or what are each character's story.

I don't think I would have enjoyed the show as much if I had read the book before, therefore if you know what's happening is this show, please keep the secret! I mentioned to my parents that I was due to see The Mousetrap and couldn't believe they'd seen it in the same theatre over 10 years ago. Amazing to hear a production run for so long and I was thrilled to be seeing it on its 60th anniversary. A really fun and entertaining story throughout - the kind of play you could take anyone to see. I enjoyed watching the story unfold but felt it was a little bit drawn out before the big reveal.

The characters were interesting and there were some nice laughs thrown in too. The St. Martin's theatre isn't a large space so it felt very intimate and we had a great view from the dress circle. Great location too. This was a fun night out at the theatre. It's seemingly a bit of an institution in London-- and honestly I am surprised it took us this long to go and see it! Acting was very good, I particularly liked Christopher Wren. It was more impressive as there were no scene changes.

Good for the younger ones as well -- quite a few in the audience and they enjoyed "it could be anyone" aspect, the girl behind me kept changing her mind till the very end. Had a great night at The Mousetrap.

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I don't know how anyone can give a bad review to the Mousetrap. This is a true classic, carefully preserved and honest to its origins ever since it first started playing in A classic murder mystery probably one of the firsts! I was very pleasantly surprised, and I would highly recommend this play for anyone for a fun night out! We saw this show last night In all honesty, it was dreadful. The acting wasn't particularly great and the show was nothing short of boring. The only mystery was when would the end arrive so that I could leave. Save your money because the Mousetrap is truly awful..

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  • It is like stepping back in time. It feels drawn out at times but almost a reminder of how fast our lives have become. A true classic worth a watch during the week. This is a great play for people who maybe aren't that comfortable with the theater. It is engaging and compelling and keeps you intrigued right until the end. Since my boyfriend is more partial to musicals than plays, I was a bit sceptical going in despite being a big fan of Agatha Christie but I really enjoyed it. As people have said, the ending wasn't entirely unpredictable but I thought the cast were wonderful and I was really invested in the characters.

    It's not the most exciting thing on the West End but it was an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday afternoon and quite different to contemporary West End offerings. As a huge Agatha Christie fan, The Mousetrap was a highly anticipated 'must see' for me. However I think I would have enjoyed it even without my love for all things Poirot, Marple and friends. The Mousetrap is an excellent evening out and it's easy to see why its enjoyed such a tenure on the West End.